Abortion Procedure at 2 Months Pregnant – Get the Facts

Although usually women start thinking about having an abortion at the beginning of their pregnancies, some of them are thinking about abortion procedure when 2 months pregnant.

Even though you might think that this is a late stage, you should know that there are still numerous options.

Information about the abortion procedures during the 2nd month of pregnancy

When thinking about this topic you ought to know that surgical abortion is one of the safest procedures of them all. At this stage, you have three main options: manual vacuum aspiration, evacuation and dilation and dilation and curettage. The method that the doctor chooses depends on the gestational age.

Manual vacuum aspiration

This one of the abortion procedures of the 2nd month of pregnancy can be used starting with the moment when you find out that you are expecting and until the 10th week of pregnancy. During the procedure, the doctor will insert a speculum into the vagina to keep the walls of the vagina apart.

Abortion Procedure at 2 Months Pregnant

In case of this abortion procedure, 2 months pregnant there is need to numb the cervix before the doctor starts widening it. Once the cervix is widened, a small tube is inserted that is connected to a suction machine. The machine will suction out the uterus’ contents and the whole procedure takes about 2 minutes.

Dilation and curettage

This procedure for abortion in the 2nd month of pregnancy is something like the manual vacuum aspiration. The only difference is that at the end of the procedure the doctor will use a curette to clear the walls of the uterus from the remaining pregnancy tissue.

The abortion procedure 2 months pregnant can be used for 6-14 weeks after you had your last menstrual period. This procedure is a bit longer than the previous one and it takes about ten minutes. During the abortion you could experience discomfort, but there should be no pain.

Dilation and evacuation

The women thinking about this process for abortion during the 2nd month of pregnancy ought to know that it is a two-part procedure which can be performed until the 24th week of pregnancy. Again, the cervix will be opened and the doctor will use different instruments to clean the uterus from the pregnancy tissue.

As you can see there are some options regarding the abortion procedure 2 months pregnant, but usually the choice is made by your doctor depending on your situation.


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