More About Induction Abortion

When thinking about induction abortion you should know that it refers to the induction of labor and delivery during the second or third trimester.

Usually it is done using medication. To avoid complications, the cervix can be slightly dilated using a cervical dilator.

Induction Abortion

Medications used during induced abortion

The medication can be injected into the amniotic sac that surrounds the baby or injected right into the fetus. The substances used include saline, potassium chloride and digoxin. The medication can also be inserted into the vagina to cause contractions for the cervix to become softer.

As a result, during abortion that is induced, the fetal tissue passes through the cervix. Medication used for this purpose includes dinoprostoe, prostaglandins and misoprostol. The medicines can be injected into a vein too to induce contractions in the uterus. Usually oxytocin is used for this purpose.

Different kinds of medications used for induction abortion can be combined to increase their effectiveness and to decrease bleeding. An abortion of this kind makes women go through the different stages of labor and delivery and because of this they should receive pain medication.

What should you expect from abortion which is induced?

Since your body will have to return to its normal state, there are different kinds of changes that you may notice the days or weeks after the procedure. These include some bleeding or spotting during the first couple of weeks after the procedure. In the first week you shouldn’t use tampons, only pads.

Because of the induction abortion you might also have cramps that are something like the menstrual cramps. These could be present for a few hours or a couple of days because the uterus is shrinking back to its normal size. The emotional reactions can last for 2-3 weeks after the procedure.

Right after the procedure

In order to avoid an infection after abortion induced by doctors you may receive antibiotics. After the procedure you should take some time off to rest. You should return to your regular activities only when you feel ready. The cramps can be made better by taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

After induction abortion it is best not to have sex for at least a week or even more. Before having intercourse again, you should start taking birth control pills. Also use a condom to avoid a possible infection. You may think about another barrier method or an IUD as a way of contraception too.

Why is the procedure performed?

In the majority of the cases the abortion induced by specialists is done because of an illness or medical problem of the pregnant woman or the baby. In case of the baby the sad truth is that some of the diseases become visible only after the first trimester.

We have to admit that induction abortion isn’t something easy to go through, but in some cases it must be done for the well-being of the mother or the baby. Sadly in the majority of the cases there is no other way.


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