Know About After Effects of Abortion

We all know that abortion refers to the ending of a pregnancy before the 28th week of pregnancy. Although this may seem as the easy way out you should also think about the after effects of abortion.

After Effects of Abortion

Keep in mind that you will never forget that you had a pregnancy that you didn’t carry to term.

Physical abortion side effects

After women have an abortion it is common for them to experience vomiting, nausea, diarrhea or vaginal discharge with a strange smell. In the same time it is also possible to experience some more serious effects, such as scarring of the uterine wall, high fever, infections, and so on.

When it comes to the side effects of abortion you should also know that it is normal to experience some amount of bleeding, but it is a serious risk to experience hemorrhaging. During the procedure itself it is possible for the doctors to leave some parts of the fetus or of the pregnancy tissue behind by accident.

Because of this as negative effects of abortion you could see infection or damage of the internal organs.

There are a lot of surgical instruments used during the procedure and these could damage the cervix. If the uterus gets perforated, it is possible that the doctors will have to completely remove it. In this case the woman in question may have problems with fertility in the future.

The abortion negative effects also include besides sterility the possibility to face ectopic pregnancies in the future. This usually happens because of the infections that could occur after the abortion. Even more, the women who go through this kind of procedure have higher risks of being affected by cervical or ovarian cancer.

Psychological effects

One of the common abortion effects is depression. Women know that it is not right to kill their baby but in the same time they know that they wouldn’t be able to provide the baby with everything he or she needs. There is also a lot of social pressure, not to mention that the women’s families also put pressure on women.

If a woman has an abortion, as one of the effects of abortion women experience a high level of guilt, regret, self-condemnation and anguish. According to studies 56% of women feel guilty about the procedure that they had and about a quarter of women regret the decision that they made.

Sometimes women can’t forgive themselves that they took the life of a baby as one of the adverse effects of abortion. The thoughts that they have just get darker and darker and they eat women from inside. It is common for women to have nightmares after an abortion and to need help to deal with them.

It is also possible that the couple didn’t agree to have the procedure. In this case the abortion adverse effects also include family problems. The sum of these effects is often referred to as post abortion syndrome.

As you can see the abortion after effects could be more varied than you might have thought.


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