Learn More About Second Trimester Abortion

The truth is that no woman wishes to have an abortion and that too second trimester abortion. However if it is needed then women must have a surgical abortion. If it is performed by trained physicians, it is a safe procedure that is done on an outpatient basis.

Second Trimester Abortion

Information about abortion in the second trimester

There are a lot of things that could make women think about a procedure of this kind. It is possible that the circumstances have changed, she faces financial difficulties or the doctors found an underlying condition. It is also possible for the baby to be affected by some kind of anomaly.

The procedure

If the abortion of the second trimester takes place between the weeks 15 and 24, the procedure is known as D&E or dilation and evacuation. This means that first the doctors have to dilate the cervix and then all the pregnancy tissue is removed to avoid any possible infections.

1-Day care

Just as the name suggests in case of this second trimester abortion there is need for only one day. The truth is that not all patients can choose this option. Your doctor will take into consideration your medical history and the development of your pregnancy when deciding whether this option is suitable for you or not.

2-Day abortion

If the abortion procedure in the second trimester must be done in two days it means that you have to be able to remain in the area of the hospital to return to your doctor on the second day. On the first day you will have a discussion with your doctor and he or she will analyze your medical history.

The second trimester abortion starts in the moment when the doctor prepares the overnight dilation of your cervix. The procedure will be completed the next day when you return to the hospital. It is important to know that in the moment when dilation begins, there will be no turning back.

What to expect?

When preparing for the second trimester abortion procedure your doctor will confirm your pregnancy. Then you will have a discussion about your pregnancy and the options that you have. In order to assess your needs, the doctor will take a look at your full medical history.

To understand what the second trimester abortion really means, the doctor will explain to you the steps of the procedure and also the recovery process. The medical exam and the abortion procedure itself will be performed in a softly lit clean room with background music and some aromatherapy for you to be able to relax.

Once you are done with the abortion process in the second trimester you will be taken to a recovery room and you will have to stay there for about an hour. During this time the nurses will monitor your blood pressure, pulse and bleeding. You will have the possibility to relax and ask questions.

Keep in mind that second trimester abortion is a serious decision which should be taken while keeping in mind the consequences.


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