Side Effects of Medical Abortion Pills

Women should find out more about the side effects of medical abortion pills before taking one. It is important to see your doctor before you take the pills. Usually women need to take two pills that will make the uterus contract which, in the end, will result in a miscarriage.

Side Effects of Medical Abortion Pills

Common medical abortion pills’ side effects

In the majority of the cases, the side effects appear after women take the second pill. These can range from mild to severe.

The most common side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, heavy bleeding, headaches, and cramps. Although usually the side effects aren’t serious, they could lead to complications.

Associated risks

In case you are thinking about the negative effects of the medical abortion pills you should know that the most important risk is experiencing heavy vaginal bleeding. Although they are rare, in some cases women need aspiration abortion or transfusion after they go through medical abortion.

The babies who survive

When it comes to the side effects of medical abortion pills, women usually don’t think about the possibility for the baby to survive. Keep in mind that the pills have an efficiency of 95%-97%. This means that in every 100 cases 3-5 babies won’t be aborted.

In case Mifeprex (one of the pills) doesn’t work, you will have to face one of the most serious medical abortion pill negative effects: having a baby with deformities. This is why it is important to remember that in case the pill doesn’t work for you, you shouldn’t hesitate to call your doctor. It is possible that you will have to take another pill or that you will need traditional abortion.

Handling the side effects of medical abortion pills

The women taking the pills usually notice the side effects between the first and third day of the abortion. The good news is that the worst side effects subside by day three and all the side effects should be gone until the 14th day except in case there is a complication.


One of the adverse effects of medical abortion pills that women have to think about is fever. If a woman has fever higher than 101 degrees F for more than a couple of hours, she should call the doctor immediately. This could indicate the serious infection that needs the attention of a doctor.

There is a lot to know about the side effects of medical abortion pills and it is important to be well-informed about them.


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