Spermicides: An Easy Method For Pregnancy Prevention

Spermicide is a method of barrier birth control, which consists of chemicals that prevent sperm from moving.

You will find spermicides in various forms, such as film, cream, gels, suppositories and foams.

You can use spermicides alone or along with other birth control methods to work more effectively.

Always, spermicides are used with a diaphragm and cervical cap.spermicides

Working of spermicides

Spermicide work to prevent the pregnancy by avoiding the sperm from joining with the egg. The thing you need to do before participating in intercourse, is insert the spermicide deep into the vagina.

Spermicide works by blocking the cervix from entering the sperm and reaching the egg and also it keeps the sperm away from moving.

Effectiveness of spermicide:

Effectiveness is the most important and common concern for everyone when choosing birth-control options. Similar to other birth control options, spermicides are also effective when you use them correctly.

If you always use spermicides as indicated, there is a 15 in 100 chance of falling pregnant. If you don’t always use spermicides as indicated, there is a 29 in 100 chance of falling pregnant.

When spermicides are used alone, they cannot be an effective option. In order to make spermicides more effective, use them along with a female condom.

Even if you don’t use any other birth control option along with spermicides, there are much fewer chances for falling pregnant.

The thing you should be very careful about is that spermicides cannot reduce the risk of STDs. To reduce the risk of STDs, you should use a condom.

Benefits of spermicides

Spermicide usage is simple and more convenient. Once you learn the method, it is easy to insert the spermicide. Most women prefer to use spermicides, because:

  • They won’t have any effect on your hormone levels.
  • You can easily get the spermicides in the local drugstore or supermarket.
  • There is no need for a prescription to use spermicides.
  • You can also use them during breastfeeding.

Disadvantages of using spermicides

  • Improper usage of spermicides cannot make a good barrier over your cervix. This can lead to spermicides being less effective.
  • Most women complain that spermicide is messy or it leaks from the vagina.
  • Some spermicide brands may irritate your vagina.

However, don’t depend totally on spermicides for successful pregnancy prevention. For more effective options, contact your practitioner.


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