Laser Treatment to Remove Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Many women get ugly looking stretch marks during the pregnancy which remain visible even after the birth of the baby. At times preventive actions are not taken against these stretch marks and thus many women struggle to get rid of them afterwards.

There are various ways which are used to get rid of these marks like applying various gels and lotions and undergoing laser or cosmetics surgery. Among these procedures, laser treatment is considered to be an effective one but it also does not guarantee to remove all the marks.  Below given is some relevant information about this process that you would like to know.

laser treatment to remove pregnancy stretch marks

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks occur on our skin when the skin is stretched due to gaining weight. Thus it is common during pregnancy. But even after the skin returns to its normal shape, the stretch marks remain. There are many creams and ointments available in the market to lessen these marks. But often they come across as ineffective and/ or very slow in reducing these marks. In such cases you can go ahead and look for laser therapy.

What is Laser Therapy?

While you are undergoing the treatment of laser therapy for stretch mark removal, a beam of light will be removing the thin layers of skin surrounding the stretch marks. There are various types of laser therapy and the excimer laser is believed to be the best for this procedure.

In this process, high-energy charged ultraviolet laser light breaks up the molecular bonds within the layer of the skin tissue and that leads to disintegration, a process called ablation. Laser therapy for stretch mark removal does not take long healing time and the new layers of healthy skin starts forming within few weeks.

Types of Laser Therapy Appropriate for Stretch Marks

There are different kinds of laser treatment used for the reduction of stretch marks. The system that is used when your stretch marks are “just formed” is known as Pulsed Dye treatment. This cannot be used at a later stage. The process is painless and laser is used to make the blood vessels beneath your stretch marks collapse by providing energy from the laser. This makes the angry looking red or purple marks disappear or turn into skin color.

Advantages of the Laser Surgery

The procedure gives you a better looking skin within few sittings. Also it hardly has any downtime of treatment. Recovery and healing occurs within few weeks of time. The treatment is also suitable for various skin types and gives you visibly beautiful and healthy skin.

This procedure also has the trusted FDA accreditation. Moreover, one sitting of the treatment can take as less as 30 minutes, and patients generally need 3 to 5 such sessions to get rid of the stretch marks. It is known as a painless procedure; therefore you need not be scared about it either.

Side Effects of Laser Therapy for Stretch Marks

There can be some minimal side effects like itching and temporary reddening of the area. In very rare cases minor infections can happen.

All in all, it can be said that the laser treatment works well to reduce the pregnancy stretch marks, though it does not completely remove them from your body.


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