More About Pregnancy Rash

If you are thinking about pregnancy rash you should know that it is common to see skin changes during this period because of the hormone level changes. While some of these changes are considered to be normal, others may seem quite scary and they could require medical attention.

Pregnancy Rash

Common rashes during pregnancy

As it has been mentioned before there are some changes that are normal. These include melasma. This refers to brown and well defined spots on the face that usually appear on the forehead and cheekbones. It is also normal to see darker skin on the outer genitals and on the nipples.

As part of the rashes when being pregnant it is normal to notice that the existing moles get darker. The linea negra could appear too. This is a dark line running from the belly button to the pelvic region. Stretch marks can appear too. These are red lines that appear on the skin during pregnancy.

Stretch marks can also be considered to be pregnancy rash and these are caused by the tearing of the skin tissue, that isn’t flexible enough to allow the skin to stretch. These lines commonly appear on the abdomen, buttocks, arms and thighs. The skin’s veins may become more visible too.

When thinking about rashes while being pregnant you could also think about varicose veins. These are swollen veins in the legs. You could notice that you have more skin tags than before, but these are harmless. If you happen to have acne, it could become worse.

Why does the pregnancy rash appear?

During pregnancy the hormone levels inside the blood change, especially in case of estrogen and MSH (melanocyte-stimulating hormone). The melanocytes are those cells whose concentration determines the pigmentation of the skin, and thus the skin tone.

If there is an increase of MSH, pregnant women’s rash could appear, and as a result the skin could get darker. The changes of the veins appear because of the higher estrogen levels. The stretch marks appear because of the growth of the belly and because of weight gain.

Are the changes harmful or permanent?

If you are interested in pregnancy rash you should know that in case of the majority of the changes the effects disappear after the birth of the baby, but they will reappear during another pregnancy. The stretch marks don’t disappear, but with time they fade and they become less noticeable.

Abnormal skin conditions

There are some rashes of pregnant women that aren’t considered to be normal, such as specific dermatoses, non-specific rashes and itching that doesn’t cause a rash. You should know about them that they could harm the mother or the baby and so you should seek medical assistance if you notice something out of the ordinary.

As you can see, pregnancy rash can be something entirely normal that women should expect to notice. However there are also some situations when these aren’t normal and in this case you should see your doctor about your rash.


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