7 Best Natural Ways to Remove Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

Stretch marks are a very common problem among women, especially after pregnancy.  After pregnancy, there are many causes of this condition and one of the major one is fluctuation in hormones.  Besides this, some of the other causes include fat loss in the abdomen and less elastic skin.

Stretch marks are appearance of fine lines around those areas where fat gets accumulated and this is the reason why these marks usually appear in the stomach, chest, thighs, belly bottom and butt.  Besides creams and medicines, there are many amazing natural ways to remove stretch marks after pregnancy and the following are the best 7 of them:

natural ways to remove stretch marks after pregnancy

Oil treatment

Using some natural oils can really help to remove stretch marks after pregnancy. Some of the oils include olive oil, vitamin E oil, castor oil and essential massage oils.  These oils can be massaged on the affected areas regularly so that the fine lines start disappearing.  This helps to moisturize the skin and hence dilute the stretch marks.

Aloe Vera Gel

Another natural way to remove stretch marks is to make use of aloe Vera gel. This is an herb which is popular for diminishing stretch marks and also helps with other skin conditions.  You can either buy aloe Vera gel from the chemist or squeeze out natural fresh aloe Vera from the sap and apply it directly on the affected area.  This helps to promote healing and also soothes the skin.

Egg Whites

Another natural ingredient which can help to remove stretch marks after pregnancy is egg whites. Egg whites are a rich source of protein and applying them can help to rejuvenate the skin and fade the fine lines away. Applying egg whites regularly can prove very effective.


It is very important to keep the body well hydrated as this helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. For this reason, one must have 10-12 glasses of water. Not only does this help to free the skin of fine lines but also reduces many other skin conditions. It is also recommended to avoid drinks like coffee, soda and tea etc.

Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter

Cocoa butter or shea butter are considered a great natural remedy for stretch marks. Applying these ingredients directly on the skin can reduce dryness and increase elasticity. One must wash them off some time after application and repeat this process regularly.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is very acidic in nature and can both reduce and completely heal stretch marks. If you rub lemon juice on your stretch marks regularly and let it soak in the skin for some time, then it can greatly help you cure this problem over time.  Rinse it off after some time with cold water.

Sugar Scrub

This is yet another amazing way to cure stretch marks. To make a sugar scrub, you need to mix 1 tbsp sugar with a few drops of lemon and add a bit of almond oil to it. Apply this mixture on your stretch marks and exfoliate well.


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