Know Everything about Pregnancy Rhinitis

‘Pregnancy rhinitis’ is a condition when pregnant women suffers nasal congestion and finds it difficult to breathe easily. Generally, it commences during the first trimester of the pregnancy. The symptoms occur in women when estrogen and blood levels increase at the time of pregnancy thereby causing a swelling in the mucus membrane.

This swelling of the mucus membrane results in stuffy or itchy noses. According to medical researches, there are no remedies for prevention of pregnancy rhinitis. It is only through childbirth that women can get rid of the situation. In many cases, pregnancy rhinitis prevails even after a few weeks of delivery.

pregnancy rhinitis

How can you Detect Whether you are Facing Pregnancy Rhinitis or some other Allergies?

Sometimes, you may suffer from body aches or fever, which detects flu but not pregnancy rhinitis. Symptoms like stuffed nose, continuous sneezing, coughing and severe headaches promote pregnancy rhinitis. Often a pregnant woman sustains allergies as well as rhinitis of pregnancy. Thus, proper monitoring will reveal the nature of the problems leading to this condition. Consulting an experienced Naturopath is a safe option for sound guidance and effective treatment.

Treatment of Pregnancy Rhinitis

Rhinitis of pregnancy requires treatment according to the extent of the condition faced by each individual. The following are considered as cures of pregnancy rhinitis:

  • Intake plenty of fluids and keep yourself hydrated. Avoid caffeinated drinks.
  • Keep your head elevated on a pillow while sleeping or at the time of rest.
  • Mild regular exercises help to get relief from rhinitis of pregnancy.
  • Steam and hot bath help in getting relief from congestion.
  • Use a humidifier or vaporizer in your rooms at night to increase and control the level of moisture. Care needs to be taken to replace the filter regularly.
  • Avoid cigarette smoke, alcohol, paint and chemical fumes.
  • Saline drops or saline nasal spray help in soothing. It is the safest and the most recommended treatment of pregnancy rhinitis.

How Long can the Condition of Pregnancy Rhinitis Last?

The condition of pregnancy rhinitis is known to occur when the hormone and progesterone levels start to increase at the time of pregnancy. It may continue for weeks even after a woman gives birth to her child. There is no remedy for preventing the condition. However, there are natural therapies that provide relief for the individuals who suffer from it.

Complications of Rhinitis During Pregnancy

  • Arterial tension arises once the heart and brain is affected by rhinitis. In order to prevent the possibilities of increasing blood pressure during pregnancy from arterial tension, rhinitis of pregnancy must be treated.
  • The lungs get affected badly when inhaled air is not treated well due to poor nose function. This ultimately proves to be dangerous for both the pregnant mother and the developing baby in the womb. Hence, the condition requires care.

Special care needs to be taken while consuming medications for cure of pregnancy rhinitis. Many medicines penetrate through the placenta and are considered unsafe for the baby. Hence, natural and safe methods should be preferred.


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