Bringing Your Preterm Baby Home Safely

If you have delivered a baby prematurely, the day that baby is healthy enough to come home is a day for celebration.

It is important, however, that you bring your preterm or low birth weight baby home safely.

If your baby can maintain cardio-respiratory functioning while in an upright, semi-reclining position, then a rear facing car seat placed in the middle of the back seat of the car is the safest place for your baby.preterm baby

However, if your baby suffers from breathing problems, low blood oxygen levels, or decreased heart rate while in an upright semi-reclining position, then you need a car bed placed in the middle of the backseat to keep your child safe.

All children in infant car seats, regardless of their health, should be placed in the back set, and as close to the center as possible. This helps them avoid injury during a crash from the impact as well as from inflating airbags, which are increasingly common for side and rear windows.

For an additional measure of safety, an adult should ride in the backseat with the baby. That adult should be wearing a seat belt, and should never attempt to hold the baby while the car is in motion.

If you have any questions about the safest way to bring your baby home from the hospital, talk with your baby’s health care provider.



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