Causes of Premature Birth

Before getting pregnant the majority of women don’t think about the causes of premature birth but as the big day comes closer, they start paying more and more attention to this aspect. Although there aren’t any causes, in the regular meaning of the word, there are some risk factors that increase the chances of having a premie.

Causes of Premature Birth

Previous premature births

It is believed that the women who already have a premature baby have higher chances of having another one. The chances increase further if the pregnancies are close together. Nonetheless if you can control the other risks factors, the chances of having a premie will decrease.


The women who are carrying multiple pregnancies have higher chances of premature labor, so this is one of the origins of premature birth. If you find out more about having a multiple pregnancy you will be able to take control of the situation.

Cervical or uterine problems

When thinking about the causes of premature birth you should know that uterine infections, placental abruption, or incompetent cervix can all lead to premature birth. The treatment options depend on the cause of the problem. It is possible that you will have to rest more, to take medication or you may be forced to have an early delivery.

High blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure before you get pregnant, it could become one of the premature birth origins. In case you have preeclampsia, it can increase the risks even more. If this happens it is important for your doctor or midwife to recognize the problem fast and to act accordingly.


The women with diabetes have higher chances of experiencing the causes of premature birth. Even if you have been living with your condition for years, during pregnancy it may turn out to be difficult to control the blood sugar level. The risks of premature birth can be reduced if the blood sugar level stays within normal ranges.


One of the reasons of having premature birth is smoking while being pregnant. The good news is that this may be the only cause that you can fully control and as a result you can eliminate it from your life. This may be the best reason to quit smoking before getting pregnant.

It is important to know about the causes of premature birth to know what to keep an eye out for.


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