What Are the Causes of Premature Birth

In half of the cases of premature births, the causes of premature birth are not known. However there are some known causes and risk factors that you should know about in your attempt to avoid situations of this kind.

Causes of Premature Birth

Infection as one of the premature birth causes

In about 50%-60% premature labor can be linked to some kind of infection. Sometimes the classic signs of infection are not present. In the case of group B strep there are high chances of improvement if women take antibiotics. In other cases the medication could lead to drug resistance but no improvement.


Bleeding could also be the inducer of premature birth. In this case you can consider placental abruption. This means that the placenta tears away from the wall of the uterus. Also consider bleeding disorders that can be acquired or genetic. If you notice any kind of bleeding, you should report it to your doctor.

Stretching of the uterus

This one of the causes of premature birth is also known as the uterus’ overdistension. The problem can be caused by multiple pregnancies, fibroids or the mother having too much amniotic fluid. The uterus shouldn’t be too big or too small; in fact it should have the right size for a normal pregnancy.

Multiple pregnancies

The mothers who will have twins are more likely to be affected by the premature birth inducers. Although you have to be prepared for a preterm birth, you could work out a pregnancy plan with your doctor to make sure that the babies will be healthy upon birth.

Chronic high blood pressure

If you have this problem before you get pregnant, it could become one of the causes of premature birth. Having preeclampsia may also increase the risks. Prenatal care can help your doctor diagnose the problem. This way you will receive special care and the risks of something going wrong will decrease.


In case you have type 1 or 2 diabetes prior to your pregnancy, it may become the origin of premature birth. It may be difficult to keep your blood sugar level within the normal ranges even if you have been doing this for years. If you succeed you can reduce the chances of going into premature labor.


One of the greatest risks associated with smoking during pregnancy is that it could become one of the causes of premature birth. The good news is that this is something that you can actually control naturally. Besides this there are many other reasons as well to give up smoking while being pregnant.


Alcohol consumption can also become a premature birth origin. It is important to remember that even the smallest amount of alcohol could cause serious complications when it comes to your pregnancy. However there are some countries where it is considered to be safe for pregnant women to drink some red wine.

As you can see, there is a lot to know about causes of premature birth.


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