Learn About Common Birth Defects

When thinking about common birth defects you should know that these are the things that parents dread to hear about.

The defects refer to those problems that the baby is born with and that can or cannot be treated after birth.

Although the parents are usually blaming themselves, in the majority of the cases there is nothing that they could have done.

Common Birth Defects

Causes of the birth defects that are common

These defects may have different causes. There are the genetic problems. This means that a gene or a part of a gene isn’t working as it should or that a part of a gene is missing. Chromosomal problems are also possible. In this case there may be an extra chromosome or a chromosome that is missing.

The environmental factors might have a word to say when it comes to the frequent birth defects as well. These are those factors that the mother is exposed to during her pregnancy like German measles or rubella. Some of the mothers may be using drugs or alcohol while being pregnant.

Kinds of common birth problems

There are two main kinds of problems: functional and structural. The structural defects are in fact a problem of a body part. Defects of this kind include cleft palate, cleft lip, abnormal limbs like club foot or heart defects such as misshaped or missing valves. There are also the neural tube defects.

This kind of birth problems that are common include spina bifida or the problems connected to the development and growth of the spinal cord and brain. The functional defects refer to the way a given body system or body part works. Such defects can result in developmental disabilities.

Brain or nervous system problems

In case you are thinking about birth defects that are frequent you should consider learning problems, behavioral disorders, mental retardation, language or speech difficulties, trouble with movement or convulsions. Defects affecting the nervous system include autism, Prader-Willi syndrome and Down syndrome.

Sensory problems

The frequent birth problems of this kind include cataracts, blindness and other kinds of problems with eyesight. In the same time the affected babies could also experience some degree of hearing loss or total deafness.

Metabolic disorders

In case of these birth problem that are frequent there is a problem with a chemical pathway or a body process. The conditions of this kind include those that limit the ability of the body to get rid of the waste products and harmful chemicals. The two most common problems of this kind include hypothyroidism and phenylketonuria.

Degenerative disorders

The often occurring birth defects involve those as well that cannot be recognized upon birth but that later become more obvious. For instance there is the X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy, muscular dystrophy, Rett syndrome and so on.

In case you are thinking about the most common birth defects keep in mind that in the majority of the cases it’s not the parent’s fault so they shouldn’t feel responsible for the possible defects that the baby might have upon birth.


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