The Most Frequent Causes of Premature Births

For sure you have heard about premature births before, and you would be surprised to know how many children are born prematurely in the U. S.

What is in fact a birth that is premature?

Normally a pregnancy should last 40 weeks. We can talk about a birth that is premature in case it occurs before the 37th week, when the cervix opens earlier than it should, due to the contractions of the uterus. Those babies that are born before the 40th week might be at risk of health problems, but thanks to the available technology, the death rate has been considerably reduced.

Premature BirthsRisk factors of premature births

The truth behind births that are premature is that in about 40% of the cases the cause is not known. Nonetheless there are some factors that increase the chances of this situation to occur.

It is said that those women are at the highest risk those expecting twins. Also you should be prepared in case you were faced with such a situation before.

If you happen to have cervical or uterine abnormalities, most probably you will give birth prematurely.

Medical factors

We can say that these are the most important factors that could result in premature births. In case you have bladder or kidney infections that are recurring, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted infections or vaginal infections then you are also at a risk. If you happen to have fever while being pregnant, this could also result in premature labor.

In case you experience unexplained vaginal bleeding while being pregnant this could also be an alarm sign. Chronic illnesses should also be taken into consideration, including kidney disease, high blood pressure or diabetes. All these could cause births that are premature.

Previous abortions, such as multiple abortions during the first trimester or several abortions during the second trimester are also bad signs. If you have been overweight or underweight before pregnancy, you might have some problems during it.

A clotting disorder could also cause premature births and the same thing is true in case you are pregnant with one fetus as a result of in vitro fertilization. It is said that in order to avoid problems you should leave a certain period of time between two pregnancies.

How about your lifestyle?

Habits could also contribute to births that are premature. These lifestyle factors include little or no prenatal care, being a smoker or drinking alcohol, not to mention using illegal drugs. In case there has been any kind of domestic violence, including any kind of abuse you are also at risk.

Social support also has a word to say in many cases, as well as the stress level and the family income.

Sadly you can never be 100% certain that you won’t have to face problems during pregnancy, but in case your pregnancy is planned, you have prenatal care and a healthy lifestyle, the chances of premature births are smaller and even if it occurs you can be sure that you have done everything you could in order to avoid it.


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