Gum Disease In Pregnancy Linked To Premature Births

Many pregnant women know that they have to take special care of their teeth during their pregnancy because the gums tend to get soft and spongy and are more prone to bleeding.

After all we are told that you lose one tooth for every pregnancy we undergo. So we do know that teeth need to receive special care during pregnancy; at least one routine visit to the dentist is a must.

Now we know that there is one more reason that one ought to take good care of the teeth when pregnant. According to a recent study, that examined 1000 pregnant women, it was found that those women with gum disease were more likely to have premature babies.

gum diseaseHowever, pregnant women needn’t despair; receiving proper treatment for the gum disease can help to reduce this risk of having a preterm baby it was found. At the beginning of the study, each of the subjects had gum disease.

Those women who had untreated gum disease were seen as having triple the risk of delivering their babies before 35 weeks gestation when compared with the others. Those pregnant women, however who underwent treatment for their gum disease seemed to be far less prone to giving birth early.


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