Top 5 Ways to Bond With your Premature Baby in NICU

Not for all parents, the birth of the child turns out to be what they had imagined in their minds. Sometimes, certain unexpected complications occur and babies are born prematurely.  When the baby is premature, he/she is kept in an intensive care unit known as NICU.

NICU or neonatal intensive care unit is a place where more in-depth care of the premature babies can be done until they are fit and healthy enough to be taken home by the parents.  Parents need to bond with their baby after his/her birth but when in NICU, this might be difficult to achieve in comparison to normal timely births.  The following are the top 5 ways you can bond with your premature baby in NICU:

ways to bond with your premature baby in NICU1. Learn about the Baby’s Medical Condition

There are many varied types of complications that premature babies could suffer from and you must learn about the medical condition that your baby is facing.  Talk to the doctor and know what the baby needs and ensure whether he/she is getting that kind of care or not. Make sure everything he/she needs is arranged and in case the hospital does not offer those facilities, try to shift to a hospital which does.

2. Maintain a Good Relationship with the NICU Staff

Since you cannot directly communicate or care for the baby while he/she is in NICU, it is important to strive to develop a good and friendly relationship with the staff or nurses who are attending to the baby.  Once you get familiarized with them, you can be at more of an ease to ask them to take special care etc. This can help you inquire the staff about the baby’s improvement and about his/her needs.

3. Bond with the Baby when you can

Sometimes when the baby’s medical condition is improving, make sure you take the baby in your arms, feel his skin, touch the hair and look into his eyes so as to develop and strengthen the baby-parent bond. Hold the baby carefully and make sure you are using hand sterilizer. The baby instantly bonds to those he/she comes in direct contact with during the first few days.

4. Sit Near the Baby and Observe him

If you are not allowed to hold the baby, make sure you sit near his Isolette so that you can directly focus on him and make sure he is being given special care.  Turn off all the noises and pay attention to the baby completely. Observe the tiny movements of the tiny feet and fingers. Look at the eyes close and open and take in as much as you can of these first few days of his/her life.

5. Make Eye Contact Whenever Possible

Making eye contact with your baby whenever possible is also a good way to bond with him. In NICU, chances are that the baby is sleeping most of the time but whenever he/she is awake; try to make the eye contact as this can help make the baby more comfortable.


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