Protein in Urine During Pregnancy

Proteinuria or the presence of protein in urine can be the result of temporary changes or an indication of serious health issues.

High levels of protein in urine during pregnancy may be a cause of alarm in most women.

Proteinuria may or may not be accompanied with other symptoms like swelling and/or pain in various parts of the body.

There may be many different reasons for these increased levels and it is essential to conduct further tests to identify the underlying cause, so that it may be treated effectively.

Kidney issues

The presence of high levels of protein could be the first indication that the kidneys are not working as effectively as they should. In case of pregnant women, increased protein levels in urine could indicate cystitis or urinary infections. The problem can also be caused by increased blood pressure during pregnancy.

The proteinuria during pregnancy could be the first symptoms of preeclampsia. Preeclampsia restricts blood supply to the placenta resulting in low weight at birth. If detected in time measures can be taken to avoid any harm to the unborn baby.

Increased protein levels due to preeclampsia are accompanied with physical symptoms like blurred vision, vomiting, headaches, swollen face, feet and hands along with pain just below ribs.

Measures to take

The presence of protein in urine of a pregnant woman requires a thorough examination. Women with high blood pressure will need to lay off salt consumption. Drinking plenty of water along with adequate rest is also recommended.

In case the culprit is an infection, the mother-to-be may need antibiotics to help with the condition. Proteinuria caused due to preeclampsia needs to be taken seriously. Depending on the severity and the age of the fetus, the doctors may recommend an early delivery too. Symptoms may manifest rapidly and need immediate attention to avoid any mishaps.


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