Restless Leg Syndrome During Pregnancy

If you feel like you constantly have to move your legs, you may be affected by the restless leg syndrome during pregnancy. This affects about 10%-25% of all pregnant women.

The feeling that you have to move your legs may be caused by creeping, tingling or crawling sensations. In some cases women also experience burning, cramping or pain.

Basically the main symptom is an urge to move your legs. Although it doesn’t sound that bad, it could be really annoying if you are trying to get some rest.

What is restless leg syndrome?

The restless leg syndrome of pregnant women is considered to be a medical condition. At this moment there is no known cause of the condition but it looks like it tends to run in families.

It is also possible for the condition to be connected to another health condition like low iron levels or anemia. It is plausible that the cause of the condition is pregnancy itself. It usually starts during the last trimester and it disappears a few weeks after childbirth.

What can you do?

Some of the women say regarding pregnancy restless leg syndrome that bending, stretching and rubbing the legs help. It may also be useful to walk around a bit.

However the bad news is that these remedies offer only temporary relief. As soon as you stop them, the problem returns. In the majority of the cases the condition gets worse during the afternoon, evening or night.

It may be useful to have some regular exercise to make the condition better. If you feel twitching or jerking in the legs before falling asleep, some regular exercise could help with that as well.

It is also alright to have some regular exercise in the evening. However you shouldn’t have any exercises four hours before going to sleep because you won’t be able to sleep.



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