Root Canal During Pregnancy

If you need a root canal during pregnancy you should know that generally it is considered to be a safe procedure. It refers to the process during which the damaged nerves and pulp are removed from the tooth.

In the majority of the cases the source of concern are the X-rays that women have to get before, during and after the procedure. However usually these aren’t dangerous.

The treatment is safe

In other cases women are also concerned about the medications used to numb the tooth during a root canal while being pregnant. You should know that these are also considered safe.

The other chemicals used for irrigation or the resin used aren’t dangerous for the baby either. A lot of people think that this is a dangerous procedure during pregnancy, but the truth is that it is relatively safe.

Even more, by having the procedure you can ensure the health of the baby. This is because if the problem isn’t treated, it could become infected. In this case the infection could be so serious that it could affect other body parts as well.

Things to know

As it has been mentioned before regarding pregnancy root canal a lot of people are concerned about the X-rays that women have to have. These represent minimal risks for the baby since these are taken of the mouth of the mother and not of the abdomen.

Even more, the majority of the doctors also offer a lead vest for women to protect their abdomen. Nonetheless the majority of the doctors say that women should wait with the procedures that need an X-ray until they give birth.

Only the emergency dental procedures are performed in case of pregnant women. The chemicals and medication used are also considered to be safe so you shouldn’t really worry about a procedure of this kind.


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