Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy

Several women get affected by round ligament pain during pregnancy especially in the second trimester. It comes in the form of sharp pain felt in the abdomen or in the hips.

In some cases the pain could extend all the way to the groin area. Although it is a bothersome symptom, it is a normal one.

The purpose of the round ligament is to support the uterus. In order to make room for the baby it needs to stretch during pregnancy.

What causes the pain?

The round ligament can be found between the groin and the uterus. The ligaments work like muscles, contracting and relaxing. Any movement that makes these ligaments contract could result in pain.

The good news is that this kind of pain should last only for a few seconds.If you are affected by round ligament pain while being pregnant, the best thing you could do is to rest.

Also it is a good idea to change positions slowly, so that the ligaments will have to contract more gradually. If you feel like you will sneeze, cough or laugh, it is best to bend over to reduce the pressure on the ligaments.

What helps?

If you have problems of this kind, it is possible that your health care provider will suggest you some stretching exercises. The most common exercise is to put your knees and hands on the floor and keep your bottom in the air.

If you feel pregnancy round ligament pain even after you rested for a while, you should call your health care provider. In case the pain lasts for several minutes, you should seek medical care immediately.

Your doctor should also know if you notice any bleeding, fever, cramping, chills, vomiting, nausea or any kind of change of the vaginal discharge.



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