Sciatica in Pregnancy: How to Face the Pain

It is known that sciatica in pregnancy occurs when the head of the baby is pressing against the sciatic nerves of the mother.

These nerves can be found in the spine and they run down to the upper leg and the pelvis. The problem could arise at just any point, but it is most common during the second and third trimester.

Sciatica in Pregnancy

Information about pregnancy sciatica

The problem occurs during the later stages of pregnancy because during this period the baby is larger and it can be found in the lower part of the abdomen. The women affected by sciatica can often experience as paralyzing numbness or shooting pain in the buttocks or the lower back.

It is also possible to experience the effects of sciatica and pregnancy in the backs of the thighs as well. The pain that women feel can get bad enough to limit their mobility.

The bad news is that since it is caused by the position of the baby inside the womb, there is very little to do about it.

Sciatica in pregnancy really gets better once the baby is born. As the pregnancy progresses the tendons and the ligaments loosen and the back could become quite instable as well.

It may be better to think about chiropractic adjustments. A couple of times may be enough.

Exercise and healthy nutrition

As it has been mentioned before, there is little to do about pregnancy sciatica. Nonetheless the women who work out and have a healthy diet before they get pregnant find it easier with the difficulties that the condition comes with than the other counterparts.

The women with good muscle tone have better support for their body and they could have increased control over their movement range when it comes to sciatica and pregnancy. If women are affected by a severe form of the problem, they could take pain medication, but it is best not to take any drugs.

Instead of the artificial help regarding sciatica in pregnancy women should be thinking about soft tissue massage, ice pack application alternated with wet heat and bed rest. These could calm down the nerve spasms and the muscles. This way the experienced discomfort will get better.

Helpful habits

The women who have problems with pregnancy sciatica should pay really close attention to their posture. Sitting in front of the computer for longer periods of time or holding a baby on one hip may lead to discomforts in the back. Besides this, women should make sure that they have shoes with flat heels.

It is also alright in case of sciatica and pregnancy to wear shoes with low heel. Nonetheless make sure that the shoes you are wearing don’t throw your weight in the back because this could cause discomfort in the lower back and in the legs. Specialists say that it is best for pregnant women to sleep on their side.

Now you know all about sciatica in pregnancy and you know what you could do about it.


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