Sinus Infection During Pregnancy Treatment

Sinusitis or a sinus infection is a condition in which the sinuses tend to become inflamed and swollen. Due to the swelling, the mucus cannot drain properly and that causes difficulty in breathing. Getting such an infection during pregnancy is a whole lot more of a problem than in normal circumstances because it is difficult to identify the symptoms in that scenario.

A sinus infection is more common during pregnancy because pregnancy can cause the blood membranes and the blood vessels inside the nose to swell which in turn makes it difficult to breathe through the nose. There are many ways of sinus infection during pregnancy treatment and the following are a few of the treatment methods:

Sinus Infection During Pregnancy Treatment

  • Drinking about 8-10 glass of water every day is one of the most reliable and sure shot ways to treat sinusitis during pregnancy as it ensures that the body keeps itself hydrated and has the necessary fluids required to heal the problem areas. Moreover dehydration can result in severity of the nasal inflammation because in that case the mucus becomes thicker and hence it is difficult to eliminate it from the body.
  • In order to moisten the mucus membranes, one can use a humidifier especially at the time of the night. If you do not have a humidifier, then you can also use a facial steamer or a hot shower which has a lot of steam as steam helps in the drainage of the sinuses.
  • Since a sinus proves to be more difficult to treat during pregnancy than in normal circumstances, it is always best to consult a doctor who may give you pregnancy safe antibiotics so as to reduce the bacteria.
  • To get a relief from the symptoms of sinusitis during pregnancy, you can also take decongestants or some pain relievers like acetaminophen etc. But if you tend to have a high blood pressure, then these kinds of decongestants must be avoided.
  • Using a saline nose spray can also be helpful in cleansing the nose properly. For the same purpose, a nasal wash can also be used. These preparations can be either bought from drug stores or can even be made at home.

It is important to know that one should always consult a doctor before trying any of these treatment methods for sinusitis during pregnancy as the exact treatment may depend upon the severity of the condition.


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