Spina Bifida Causes – Discover the Truth

Before thinking about spina bifida causes, first we should discuss what it refers to. It is a well-known birth defect that affects the spine of the baby.

It could mean a cleft or an opening of the backbone. If the case is more severe, it could also affect the spinal cord. It is a common group of the neural tube defects.

Information about causes of spina bifida

The specialists suppose that both the genetic and environmental factors have a word to say in the appearance of the birth defects. These also include nutrition and the exposure to dangerous substances. It looks like it is a problem that could be inherited even if it has mixed patterns.

Spina Bifida CausesWhen it comes to the causes of spina bifida, you should know that if you have a child with spina bifida, the chances of a second child to also be affected by it increase by eight times.

Nonetheless in about 95% of the cases there is no family history of spina bifida, so the causes aren’t really known.

There have been several studies conducted regarding the spina bifida causes and these show that the problem can be prevented through adequate nutrition and the right intake of folic acid prior and during pregnancy. Still it looks like the affected people have an abnormal metabolism regarding folic acid.

Because of this the specialists have reached the conclusion regarding the causes of spina bifida that it’s more about a defect of the metabolism of folic acid than a lack of the nutrient. Still it is known that if the mother has the right intake of folic acid, the problem can be corrected.

Signs and symptoms

In case you are interested in the spina bifida causes, the signs and symptoms could also be of interest for you. The truth is that these vary from one person to the other according to the type of defect that we are referring to. In some cases the affected people show no visible signs.

When thinking about the causes of spina bifida that is closed, the problem can be recognized due to a small dimple or a clamp of hair located on the site of the problem. Sometimes there is a sac filled with fluid that originates from the spinal cord and that can be seen on the back.

Since the spina bifida causes vary from one individual to the other, so do the signs. This is why sometimes these sacs can be covered by a thin layer of skin, while in other cases there is no skin covering the sign. If this is the case, it is a lot easier for the doctors to recognize the problem.

Types of spina bifida

There are three main types of problem because of the different causes of spina bifida. There is spina bifida occulta, which means hidden. This cannot be seen with the naked eye and it rarely causes complications. Usually it is discovered by accident during an MRI or an X-ray.

If you are thinking about the spina bifida causes, also consider meningocele. In this case there is a cyst or lump that is created by the enlarged spinal membrane. In this case it is possible for the cyst to come to the surface. If it is needed, the cyst can be removed by surgery.

Spina bifida cystica is the third kind that you have to consider regarding the causes of spina bifida. This is a severe and complex form of the birth defect.

Now you know more about the spina bifida causes and you also know how to avoid the birth defect.


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