Reasons for Brown Spotting During Pregnancy

It is just natural for women to get worried if they notice brown spotting during pregnancy. Unlike in case of red spotting, brown spotting means that the blood is already oxidized. This suggests that the blood got in contact with water for longer periods of time before it left the body.

Brown Spotting During Pregnancy

Significance of brown spotting when being pregnant

The truth is that it is difficult to assess the significance of this symptom without taking into consideration the activities that women have and the aspects of the pregnancy. A lot of women believe that bleeding always indicates a miscarriage. However there are some other possible causes of bleeding as well that have nothing to do with a miscarriage.

Time frame

This is one of the most important aspects to consider regarding brown spotting while being pregnant. For instance if you notice the spotting around the time when you are supposed to have your period, it is possible that what you see is implantation spotting.

Remember that not all the women notice pregnancy brown spotting, but if you do, most probably it is just implantation bleeding and there is nothing for you to worry about. This could appear even in case normally you don’t notice bleeding during ovulation.


If you happen to experience brown spotting of pregnant women, you should also think about the activities that you were performing before the bleeding appeared. There are several activities that could lead to bleeding, such as the physical exam of your cervix by your obstetrician, sexual intercourse or an internal ultrasound.

All these activities lead to some light spotting when being pregnant. The situation appears because the cervix gets vascularized during your pregnancy and so it is more prone to bleed than before. Remember that in this case the blood doesn’t come from the uterus, so the baby isn’t in danger.

Prevention and solution

The truth is that there is very little that you could do in order to avoid light spotting while being pregnant. For some women it is normal to experience some bleeding after intercourse and physical exam, while others don’t notice any bleeding at all.

The specialists say that if you notice something like pregnant women’s light spotting for the first time, they should mention it to their doctor. If the same thing happens again you will already know what to expect and you won’t be as concerned as the first time.


Although light spotting of pregnant women seldom indicates that there is something wrong with the baby, if there is a lot of blood, you could get worried. If you see large amounts of blood, regardless the color, or if you experience cramping or pain along with the bleeding you should talk to your health care provider at once.

Now you know a lot more about light spotting during pregnancy. As you can see in some cases spotting is entirely normal, but in other cases it is everything but normal. Usually it is up to you and your healthcare provider to assess the situation.


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