Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy

When it comes to vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, just as the name suggests, it refers to any kind of bleeding coming from the vagina.

About 25% of all pregnant women experience some bleeding at some point of their pregnancy especially during the first trimester.

This is even more frequent in case of twins.

Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy

Causes of vaginal bleeding when being pregnant

In the first trimester, noticing vaginal bleeding may mean that the woman in question has a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. In case you notice bleeding you should make sure to let your doctor know immediately.  During the following months the bleeding may mean something else.

In this period the vaginal bleeding while being pregnant can mean an abruption of the placenta, placenta previa, miscarriage or vasa previa. There are some other possible causes as well, such as cervical polyp, ectopic pregnancy, early labor, trauma of the cervix or infection of the cervix.

Home care

If you are affected by pregnancy vaginal bleeding, you shouldn’t have intercourse until your doctor says it is safe again. In the same time if the bleeding or the cramping is severe, you shouldn’t only drink fluids. It is possible that you won’t be able to go on with your regular activities.

In the majority of the cases women with bleeding from the vagina during pregnancy are put to bed rest until the bleeding disappears. The bed rest can be complete, but the doctor could allow you to go to the bathroom, do some light chores and to walk around the house.

Usually there is no need for medication in case of bleeding from the vagina when being pregnant. You shouldn’t be taking any kind of medication without talking with your doctor first. You may ask your health care provider what to expect from this symptom, like how much bleeding you can expect to see and what color should it have.

Talking to your doctor

You should let your doctor know if you experience any bleeding from the vagina while being pregnant. This may become an emergency. If you also have placenta previa you should go to the hospital immediately. The labor pains or cramps could also become a source of worry.

What to expect?

When you go to your doctor because you notice pregnant women’s vaginal bleeding most probably he will take your medical history and you will have a physical exam. During this most probably you will also have a pelvic exam. He or she may ask you to have some tests as well.

To make sure that the doctor will find the source of the vaginal bleeding of pregnant women you may have to have a blood test, a pelvis ultrasound and also a pregnancy ultrasound too. This way you can be sure that there is everything alright with the baby.

If you are asking is bleeding during pregnancy normal you should know that in some cases it might be normal, while in other cases it may be one of the alarming symptoms.


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