Marijuana and Pregnancy

It is common for people’s heart to jump when they hear about marijuana and pregnancy. Everybody assumes that this is a bad combination but the truth is that the studies that handled this aspect were all inconclusive, so the bad opinion about the matter is nothing more than personal opinion.

Marijuana and Pregnancy

Actual facts

If you would like to gather some information about this matter the best thing you could do is to talk to women who went through the same things.

If you ask women whether they were smoking marijuana they might deny it, but the truth is that there are more women doing so than you might ever know.

Although you may be afraid of smoking marijuana during pregnancy, in some cases this is not a choice. Usually it is used as a painkiller in case of arthritis, scoliosis, thyroid disease and other medical conditions. If you come to think of it, it might be better than taking painkillers because basically marijuana is just a plant.

Give it up?

When it comes to marijuana and pregnancy the first thought of people is to give it up. If the woman in question is in pain, it might be worse for her and the baby if she gave it up.

What if…?

In case you are interested in pregnancy and smoking pot, you should know that there are some women who were smoking marijuana during their entire pregnancy and their children turned out just fine. They are happy and healthy children who seem to be smarter than the other kids around them.

Nonetheless you shouldn’t misunderstand things: the combination between marijuana and pregnancy doesn’t mean that you will have smarter children. This may be just a coincidence. As it has been mentioned before, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever.

The truth about smoking pot and pregnancy is that the women who participated in the studies were also drinking and smoking, which can alter the results. This is a matter that you might want to discuss with your doctor, although you might not be comfortable about discussing this topic.

In the end mixing marijuana and pregnancy is up to you: don’t forget that the child is your responsibility and that your actions have effects on his or her well-being as well. It’s not just about you anymore.


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