Examining the Combination of Pregnancy and Alcohol

Every health care professional will be quick to advise you to avoid consuming any alcohol or alcoholic drinks in the duration of your pregnancy as much as possible. It is a fact that consumption of alcohol is not good for the health of any individual and the negative health effects resulting directly due to consuming alcohol are a lot more pronounced for the pregnant women.

In the recent years, the problems related to alcohol and pregnancy have been cast in better light due to the many studies and researches that have been conducted in the field.

Pregnancy and Alcohol

At present, some health care professionals propose the idea that the consumption of minimal and controlled amounts of alcohol during pregnancy is not dangerous both for you or for the health of your yet unborn baby and a lot of data can be presented in support of such reasoning.

This article will examine the relationships that exist between alcohol and pregnancy, both negative as well as any positives, in an attempt to uncover the real dangers posed by the consumption of alcohol by the expectant mothers.

How are alcohol and pregnancy related?

In as much as arguments concerning the consumption of alcohol by expectant mothers continue to take center stage, there is an important element to these arguments that most people tend to overlook. It is believed that a close examination of these elements, with regards to pregnancy and alcohol should be able to assist the affected individuals in reaching their conclusions a lot faster.

One element that stands out in these arguments is the question of exactly whose health is affected by the consumption of alcohol by pregnant women.

Most people tend to only consider the health of the expectant mother, while paying little or no attention to the health of the unborn baby. In this respect, it is important to point out that whichever the drink that is consumed by the expectant mother is the very same drink that is taken in by the unborn baby since the mother is its primary source of both food and drinks. The truth of this statement applies in full measure to the consumption of any alcohol.

Thus, if you have a pregnant woman who is faced by the problem of whether or not to consume alcohol, then the main question that you should be asking yourself is what are the effects that the drink is going to have on the health of your unborn baby?

In answer to the question above, the attention of all expectant mothers should be drawn to the fact that all unborn children do not have tolerance for alcohol and the consumption of alcohol before delivery can lead to some very serious medical complications later on in the infant. While in the womb, alcohol will interfere with the fetus’ normal cell development since it disrupts their access to nourishment and oxygen.

Perhaps the greatest problem concerning pregnancy and alcohol is the risk of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, commonly abbreviated as FAS. This is a collection of physical and mental defects that the fetus develops due to the excessive consumption of alcohol by their mothers before delivery.


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