Smoking While Pregnant Facts

There are a lot of women who think about giving up smoking, but are unsuccessful. Maybe the smoking while pregnant facts will determine some of them to take the right step. They shouldn’t forget that by smoking they damage their own health and the health of the baby.

Smoking while Pregnant Facts

Information about smoking while being pregnant

We all know that cigarettes contain carbon monoxide, nicotine and other chemicals that can be carried through the bloodstream, all the way to the baby.

If you are smoking there will be less oxygen for you and your baby and it can increase the heart rate of the little one.

In the same time the facts regarding pregnancy smoking also include having higher chances of stillbirth and miscarriage and the baby may be born prematurely or with a low birth weight. Another possibility is for the baby to have lung problems upon birth.

Secondhand smoke

When thinking about the smoking while pregnant facts, it’s not just about the cigarettes that you smoke, but also the ones that others smoke. The truth is that the smoke of the burned cigarette contains more harmful chemicals than the smoke inhaled by the smoker.

In case you and your baby are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke, the truth includes having higher chances of being affected by lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease, asthma, allergies, and other kinds of health problems.


Although it’s not easy, you have to give up your habit. To make quitting easier, you should try hiding the ashtrays, matches and lighters. Also try to turn your home into a non-smoking area and ask the people around you not to smoke in your presence.

If you are thinking about the things influencing the need for smoking during pregnancy you should try having less caffeinated beverages because they start an urge to smoke. The same thing can be said about the alcoholic beverages.

If you have any other habits connected to smoking, change them as well. It may be helpful to always have mints or gum at hand and have some when you feel an urge to smoke.

The smoking while pregnant facts can be quite scary, if you come to think of it. So it is best to think in advance and quit smoking even before you start trying to get pregnant, just to be sure.


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