Sushi During Pregnancy

Loads of people like to eat sushi and this is why scores of women ask whether they should eat sushi during pregnancy.

If you take a look at literature you will find that the opinion of specialists on the matter is that pregnant women shouldn’t have sushi.

This is because pregnant women are more likely to be affected by parasites and bacteria that can be found in raw meat. Since the nutritional needs of the baby are very important in this period, it is best not to be exposed to any kinds of parasites.

Parasites and consequences

A parasite is an organism that lives in the body of the host. All they do is to take the nutrients that women and the babies need. As a result the main problem with parasites is malnutrition.

The more nutrition the parasites take, the less you and the baby will have, and this isn’t the time when you have nutrients to spare.

When it comes to having sushi while being pregnant you should know that cod, Pacific rockfish and Pacific salmon are the most likely to be infected by parasites. Although there are numerous measures to ensure that people don’t get infected with any parasites, we can never be sure.

Risk group

You should also consider that pregnant women and babies are considered a high-risk group when it comes to infections with listeria. This organism can also be found in raw fish. In the same time you could also get it from cheese, especially soft cheese, such as Brie.

According to official information it is possible to find this organism in cheddar cheese that was aged for two months. This is because this organism can survive the pasteurization process. Because of all this you shouldn’t have sushi when being pregnant.


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