Tattoos During Pregnancy

It is possible that you are thinking about tattoos during pregnancy because you would like to get one to commemorate this special period of your life or because you already have some. The first thing you should think about is safety. When getting a tattoo there are some safety guidelines that the artist should follow. Make sure that you choose a registered practitioner. Also it is important for the artist to wear gloves at all times. The artist should have an autoclave used to sterilize the tools used. The surfaces and floors of the salon should be clean.

Safety first

To make sure that you are going to be safe if you get tattoos while being pregnant make sure that the artists uses new needles that are disposable and that were meant to be used only once. The dressings should also be sterile and unopened upon your arrival. The same thing applies to the dyes used as well: they should be new, sterile and unopened. Remember that in case you have any problems, you can reach the artist during the first 24 hours. You should also have some information regarding the availability of the artist during the following months and weeks. If you do get a tattoo, but you aren’t sure regarding your safety, you should get tested for HIV, Hepatitis and Syphilis.

Risks vs. aesthetics

The most important risk regarding getting tattoos when being pregnant is contracting some kind of infection during the process. It is true that the chances are relatively small, but it is still better to wait until you give birth. It is interesting to see that there is only little information available regarding the safety of the dyes. It is possible that these dyes could affect the baby. The risks are the highest during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.



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