The Strange Case Of Angie Cromar And Her Double Pregnancy

A really rare condition of a woman having two uteruses or condition known as uterus didelphys, in Salt Lake City, Utah is astounding doctors. 34 year old Angie Cromar is pregnant with twins – in a manner of speaking.

angie cromarCromar has twins – a boy and a girl who are due at different times, conceived a week apart because of her rare condition of having two uteruses.

Rather than a twin pregnancy, hers is called a Double Pregnancy. Less than 100 known cases of this phenomenon have been recorded.

Ultrasounds revealed that one of the babies is 5 weeks and a day old, whereas the other is 6 weeks and one day old.

Cromar and husband Joel already have 3 children under the age of 8 years and all have been singleton babies. Her rare condition had not impacted her earlier pregnancies.

The mother to be was reported as being excited but also nervous since the condition is not without its risks. In fact doctors have warned the expectant mom undergoing a double pregnancy that there are higher chances of pregnancy related problems such as low birth weight and/or preterm labor.


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