Tilted Uterus and Pregnancy

If you are interested in the tilted uterus you should know that normally the uterus has a vertical position. However that doesn’t mean that it always has the same position. There are some situations when the uterus gets tilted backwards or towards the pelvis. There are different terms to describe the condition.

Can the uterus that is retroverted prevent pregnancy?

Usually having a uterus of this kind isn’t considered to be a cause of infertility. If all other factors have been ruled out as causes of infertility, it is possible that your doctor will suggest a medical procedure to correct the uterus’ position. The sperm can reach the uterus regardless of its position.

Retroverted UterusWill the retroverted uterus affect pregnancy?

By the time you reach the 10th-12th week of pregnancy, your uterus will get back to its normal position. It happens only rarely that the uterus doesn’t get back to the normal middle position. If this doesn’t happen, it is possible for women to have a miscarriage, but you must remember that this happens rarely.

Causes of the uterus that is tilted

There are several different causes that lead to this problem. It is possible that it appears because the uterus doesn’t get into its right position as women mature. It is also possible that any previous pregnancies made the uterus tilt backward or forward. This usually happens if the ligaments are loosened.

In the same time a tipped uterus can also appear if the ligaments are too stretched because of several previous pregnancies. Women could also be affected by reproductive health issues that make the uterus tilt. One of the most common problems of this kind is endometriosis.

A uterus that is tipped can also appear because of menopause. This is because in this period the estrogen levels increase that could weaken the ligaments holding the uterus. Since they lose their strength the uterus may change its position.


There are different symptoms that are associated with tilted uterus. However we have to add that there are a lot of women who don’t experience any symptoms at all. The most common symptoms include pain during intercourse, pain during menstruation, incontinence, UTI, fertility problems and having problems with using tampons.

How is the retroflexed uterus treated?

In the majority of the cases the specialists suggest women to have a surgery to bring the uterus to its right position. Naturally there are also some methods that don’t require any surgery. One of them is the knee-chest. This is an exercise that temporarily takes care of the problem.

Remember that the exercise isn’t efficient if the retroverted uterus is caused by pelvic infections, endometriosis or fibroid tumors. Another solution that you have is using a pessary. This is a silicone or plastic device that is put into the vagina to bring the uterus back to its right position.

As you can see having a tipped uterus isn’t a serious problem, and you could get pregnant even if you have problems of this kind.


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