Tired During Pregnancy

Some people say that being pregnant is something like running a marathon or climbing a mountain with a backpack that gets heavier every day. As a result it is no wonder that women are tired during pregnancy. In the first trimester, it takes a lot of energy to create the right conditions for the growth of the baby, meaning the creation of the placenta. During the third trimester, the development of the baby puts more pressure on your body and in this period you can’t really have enough sleep. Besides all these, women are also on an emotional rollercoaster that could be pretty exhausting.

Changes in stamina

By the end of the first trimester your body will be done with building the placenta and you will be a bit more used to all the changes that are taking place. During the second trimester women usually feel better and they almost forget about feeling tired while being pregnant. However you have to know that you can’t escape tiredness because it returns in the third trimester. In order to make the situation better, there are some things that you could do, such as listening to your body. If you feel tired, you should rest. You don’t have to do all the things you used to do before this period. Forget about the chores that aren’t essential.

Measures to take

It is no shame in asking for some help. This may be the time for your partner to help you out around the house. If someone asks you whether you need some help, you should always say yes. In case someone else picks up the groceries, you may have enough energy to go for a walk that is more important. If you are tired and sleepy, you should actually get more sleep. This way you can avoid feeling tired when being pregnant


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