Top 10 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Pregnant (infographic)

Getting pregnant may seem like a big concern to a lot of people these days. But if one understands the reasons why it is difficult for the couple to conceive, things might seem a lot easier. Most couples are not able to get pregnant mainly because they are unaware of the reason for it. Apart from the obvious reasons of low sperm count and poor motility from the male end and other infertility related problems, there are many other reasons due to which a woman might have issues in conceiving.

Ovulatory disorders are some of the common reasons for not getting pregnant.  Some causes for this problem are sudden weight loss, hormonal imbalance, polycystic ovarian syndrome and luteal phase defect etc.  The Polycystic ovarian syndrome is an ovulation syndrome which originates from the ovary and might create difficulties in conceiving. Sometimes, being over or under weight might also stand in the way of getting pregnant for the woman. It is always advisable for women who are trying to get pregnant to be stress free as stress is another reason for not getting pregnant. Some other factors which might be creating a problem in pregnancy are tubal diseases, age factor, smoking and low progesterone.





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