Top 7 Ideas to Spend Time During Pregnancy Bed Rest

Often when pregnancy gets difficult, the doctor might recommend you a period of bed rest or may be the entire pregnancy phase to stay sedentary and under bed rest. Usually if it’s a late pregnancy, twins or with some health complications, bed rest during pregnancy becomes inevitable.

Lying around all day every day is a very difficult task which might not be sounding so right now! You would slowly realise how boring and frustrating it is to lie down the entire day doing nothing. There are many ways to keep yourself entertained, busy and above all happy even with lying in bed all day. Here are 7 best ways to spend productive days even during pregnancy bed rest –

ideas to spend time during pregnancy bed rest

Organise your Photo Album

Get your photos from childhood till this age or your family photos and arrange them in an album with good captions and frames. You can also get digital photos printed out and create a scrapbook of your own; for instance how you met your life partner and photos of the days till your child is born. Label, categorise and arrange these photos – this hobby will not only be constructive but also rejuvenate you with memories and emotional warmth.

Get on a New Hobby

Learning new things does not have any age or time; take advantage of the internet and read up the countless blogs and articles on “How to..”; check the latest videos and DIY craft ideas. If possible make few crafts as well to decorate your child’s nursery. Some of the great hobbies that can be done in bed are scrapbooking (digitally or in paper albums), knitting, card making, quilting, sewing or writing.

Develop a Passion for Quiz

This would be the best time to gather knowledge as much as possible. Apart from reading books with puzzles and quizzes, you can also get subscription for weekly magazines that are loaded with quizzes, trivia questions, and games that evaluate your aptitude, skills, knowledge, and other abilities.

Maintain a Journal

You can follow a personal journal to jot down your experiences during pregnancy; try not to write the frustrations and agonies as they will no longer be important when you read this after having a beautiful baby. Just jot down your thoughts about life in general. You can also write letters to your unborn baby and make them into a book that you would gift the child on his / her tenth birthday.


This is yet another lovely idea to nourish knowledge and cherish creativity. You can talk about your personal experiences during pregnancy; you can also jot down the advices from your doctor that would indirectly help the other expectant mothers. Share all exciting things about your pregnancy with others online. Or, you can choose any other passionate topic like photography, yoga, health awareness, interior decoration or anything for the blog.

Start Writing Reviews

You must have already used innumerable apps in your phone till date, used latest technologies and appliances, visited many restaurants, cities, malls, stores etc. gather your experiences in those places and write about them in their respective pages at the social media platform. You can build your own website too and create consumer awareness by writing these reviews there or on e-commerce sites like Epinions and Amazon.

Earn by Writing

If you are a passionate writer, this time cab be best utilised by doing freelance content writing. There are innumerable websites who pay for contents, you can get in touch with them and learn the details. You can even make crafty things and sell on e-commerce websites.

There are many more options to do while bed rest like reading books, watching movies, gaming etc.


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