Umbilical Hernia During Pregnancy

The problem of umbilical hernia during pregnancy means that there is a small hole in the abdominal wall. As a result tissue could get through the hole. This problem is relatively common in case of newborns.

The hernia in this case looks like an out belly button and it becomes more noticeable when the baby cries. Although the problem itself may sound quite worrisome, there is nothing to be worried about in the majority of the cases.

Umbilical Hernia During PregnancyUsually the hole gets closed on its own in a couple of years. On the other hand in case of adults the problem doesn’t get taken care of on its own, and there is need for a surgical intervention.

Adult umbilical hernia

When it comes to the causes of umbilical hernia while being pregnant you should know that the problem is hereditary. If you are affected it means that you had the hernia since your birth.

It is possible that in the past the hernia was small and hardly noticeable. If you gain a lot of weight or you get pregnant the hole might become more noticeable.

A lot of adults are affected by problems of this kind and they don’t even know about it. This is because the hole is too small to be noticed.

Once it gets large enough for tissue to pass through it, it gets accompanied by pain and you may notice some bulging.


If you are affected by pregnancy umbilical hernia, the best thing you could do is to wait until you aren’t pregnant anymore to take care of the problem.

You should know that in case the hernia gets incarcerated (the tissue gets trapped inside) and it cannot be pushed back into its place, immediate steps are needed. The tissue that gets trapped into the hole will die in the end.


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