Unusual Deliveries Sometimes Can Cause Harm To The Baby!

If you are in normal state of health, then the delivery will be normal usually.

In some cases, deliveries fail to be in normal pattern. Here are some of the unusual deliveries described for your knowledge.

Unusual deliveries:

Breech delivery: This unusual delivery does not specifically have problems. But, this type of delivery is some what difficult than normal delivery.Unusual Deliveries

In this type of delivery, baby will be in breech position and the baby’s head will be the last to emerge. If there is any interruption of the oxygen to the baby, the baby’s survival will be difficult.

If the baby’s head is larger than normal or the position of the baby is wrong, it will be more difficult for delivery. In this case, delivering the baby can cause harm to the baby.

Cephalic delivery: In this unusual delivery, baby’s head emerges from the uterus slowly. When the baby begins to come out, the shape of baby’s head will be changing continuously. It is due to the pressure on the soft bones of the skull in the passage through the pelvis.

Due to the change in the shape of the head, baby can slide out of the vagina easily. This unusual delivery takes long time.

Suction (vacuum extraction): This unusual delivery is used in the second stage of the delivery. A small metal cup is applied at the end of the first stage to the baby’s head. Partial vacuum is created in the cup with a special device so that the cup attaches firmly to the head.

Now, when the cup is pulled, baby can easily come out. Disadvantage with this type of delivery is, slight swelling on the baby’s head where the cup has been attached can occur.

The advantage here is, the baby can be delivered easily without stress to you or your baby when the cervix has not been fully dilated.

Forceps delivery: If you cannot push the baby with sufficient force, this unusual delivery method is used. This type of delivery needs special attention as it can be harmful to the baby.

Episiotomy: This unusual delivery is used when the head of the baby is larger than the maximum expansion of the vagina, in which delivery gets obstructed. A small incision is made between vaginal opening and anus to widen the passage.

Once the passage is widened, baby can be delivered easily. If you have decided to go for this procedure, a local anesthetic should be administered first.

Rupture of the uterus: If you had been delivered previous baby by Caesarian or if there is any excessive usage of some drug, there is likely to result in rupture of the uterus during contractions of the labor.

When the uterus gets ruptured, the baby is released into the abdominal cavity. This condition arises when you have numerous deliveries or Caesarian deliveries.


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