Upper Back Pain During Pregnancy

Experiencing upper back pain during pregnancy is quite common, especially at the later stages. In the majority of the cases it appears during the third trimester.

This is because this is the time when women gain the most weight. As a result you will feel like the muscles in your back have to carry too much weight.

It is also common for women to experience pain in the lower back at the early stages of pregnancy. The upper back pain starts when the uterus reaches the size that it is supposed to have before you give birth.


There are several different kinds of causes that can lead to upper back pain while being pregnant. One of the reasons is the increased level of pregnancy hormones.

These make the muscles and joints loosen in order to make more room for the baby. As a result as the baby grows, there will be more pressure on the ribs. In addition women also gain some weight, putting even more pressure on the muscles of the back.

Another reason of the pain is that the center of gravity of pregnant women shifts. This and the additional weight can make women lean forward.

Because of this the muscles of the back have to work even harder. It looks like the fact that the breasts also grow has a word to say in the matter too.

Relieving the pain

There are some simple steps that you could take to make the pain better. One of the most important things that you could do is to make sure that you have a good posture.

Try to sit and stand upright. To avoid pregnancy upper back pain you should keep your back as straight as possible. Make sure that you don’t sit or stand in the same position too long.


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