Vaginal Infection During Pregnancy

If you are thinking about vaginal infection during pregnancy, you should know that this may be the result of viruses, bacteria or the overgrowth of the fungus that can normally be found in the vagina.

It is something normal to see an increase of vaginal discharge during pregnancy. The discharge should be milky, thin, and mild smelling. This has the name of leukorrhea. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore all kinds of vaginal discharges.

Monitor the changes

In case the discharge has a yellowish or greenish color has a strong smell or if it is accompanied by itching, it may mean that you are affected by vaginal infection while being pregnant.

If you see any of the symptoms the best thing that you could do is to see your practitioner about it. During pregnancy the most common kind of infection is yeast infection.

Even if you were affected by this infection before and you think that you could diagnose yourself, it is best to talk to your health care provider, just to be sure. This is important because there are some other STDs as well that could show the same symptoms as a yeast infection.

What to do about the infection

According to the kind of vaginal infection when being pregnant we are referring to, there are safe ways to treat them. For instance if you are affected by a yeast infection, all you have to do it to use over-the-counter suppository or antifungal cream.

These are safe to use during the first trimester of your pregnancy. You could take some steps to avoid problems of this kind. One of them is to wear only the undergarments that are made of cotton.

These allow the skin to breathe. During the night it isn’t a must to have undergarment, it is enough to have pajama bottoms.


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