Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy

A pregnancy is a treasure house of experiences and can be the cause of plenty of worries and stress.

Some may be caused by normal symptoms of being pregnant whereas others may need medical attention.

One such normal aspect is vaginal pain during pregnancy. It is commonly seen in women who are past the 30th week of their pregnancy. It is among the first indications that the body is preparing for the imminent birth.

The pain can start weeks before you are due and there is nothing to worry if no other symptoms accompany the vaginal pain.

Nerve pain or cervix dilatation pain

Vaginal pain in pregnant women is generally a sharp pain that comes suddenly and may subside equally well. Sometimes it may last for a few hours, but it is nothing to get worried about.

The vaginal pains are caused by two probable conditions. They could be either nerve pains or cervix dilation pains. In the later stages of pregnancy, the baby moves downwards in preparation for the birth.

When the baby moves inside, it may hit or put pressures on the nerves near the cervix, causing sharp pains. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about, but do mention it during the next visit to your caregiver.

Last pregnancy weeks care

The second cause behind the pain in the vagina during pregnancy is cervix dilation. These are the first symptoms that the body is now preparing to give birth. Even then, they are nothing to worry about as the dilation may start weeks before the actual birth.

Again, do remember to mention it to your medical practitioner. One can try warm baths or showers to help relax the pain. The only time that one needs to worry about these pains is if they are accompanied by any other ache or pain in the abdominal region, especially in the lower abdomen. In such a condition, you need immediate medical attention.


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