Vicodin During Pregnancy

When thinking about taking Vicodin during pregnancy you should know that this is a commonly used pain reliever. It comes with two main active agents: acetaminophen that is less potent and Hydrocodone that is a stronger painkiller. Combined, the two agents can help you make pain better. In order to categorize the drugs, the FDA uses a category system. According to this Vicodin is a category C drug. This means that the effects of the medication on the baby are not known. During pregnancy it is a must to discuss the matter with your doctor before actually taking the drug.

Things to consider

A lot of women suffer from headaches, and these don’t get better during pregnancy either. This is why a lot of women are thinking about taking Vicodin while being pregnant. Although the drug could help with this problem, you shouldn’t consider it a magic wand. Remember that it is a narcotic that you could get addicted to. Pregnancy is the last period of time when you want this to happen. If you use the drug for several weeks, after you stop you could see the signs of withdrawal. There are some side effects as well that you should think about, such as constipation, dry mouth, vomiting, nausea, increased appetite, tiredness, dizziness, muscle twitches, lightheadedness, itching, sweating, decreased libido and frequent urination. If you are taking the drug it is important to have enough water during the day.

Why to be careful

You should also know about taking Vicodin when being pregnant that there are some drugs that you shouldn’t take it in conjunction with. Although there weren’t many studies conducted in this field, the majority of the specialists are of the opinion that the drug should be taken only in case the benefits outweigh the risks. This is something that you should think about.


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