Vitamin C During Pregnancy

During pregnancy there are a lot of different nutrients that the body requires. This is why you should think about vitamin C during pregnancy.

This vitamin has a role to play in wound healing, tissue repair, bone growth and repair and maintaining the skin healthy. In the same time it also has the role to strengthen the immune system and it has antioxidant effects, protecting the cells.

Pregnancy and vitamin C

Both the mother and the baby need vitamin C while being pregnant because it supports collagen production. This is the building block of cartilage, bones, tendons and skin.

According to the studies that have been conducted in case of animals, a vitamin C deficiency could lead to mental retardation. Another job that this vitamin has is to make it easier for iron to be absorbed by the organism.

If you have more vitamin C, your body will be able to make the best of the iron found in foods. The pregnant women should have 85 mg of vitamin C on a daily basis.


If you are interested in the food sources, you should know that numerous different foods contain the vitamin. The citrus fruits are especially high in this nutrient. In the same time other fruits and leafy vegetables also contain it.

Don’t forget that cooking can destroy this vitamin and this is why you have to think about fresh sources. Some of the women think about getting their pregnancy vitamin C from food supplements.

Although this is an option as well, it is a lot better to receive the nutrient from fresh sources. Since you don’t need a lot of this vitamin, if you have some fresh juice at breakfast, you already have all you need. According to some of the studies, taking supplements can decrease the chances of PREM. However the supplements could cause premature birth.


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