When Do You Start Showing During Pregnancy?

If you are pregnant, you may be asking when do you start showing during pregnancy. Some of the earliest signs that you can see are the changes in the waistline.

Usually only women see this and the people around them have no clue about the situation. Most probably you will feel like you are showing long before you actually do.

When Do You Start Showing During PregnancyIt is possible that your stomach will look a bit bigger than usual, but people will think that you gained a few pounds. Although all women have different pregnancies, in the majority of the cases they start showing during the second trimester.

It’s all about timing

Some of the women start showing in pregnancy quite soon. If you had prior pregnancies the muscles and joints are more relaxed and most probably you will show sooner than during your first pregnancy.

Remember that normally the uterus has the size of a lemon. After eight weeks of pregnancy it grows to the size of a tennis ball. This isn’t a major change, but it could make you feel like your clothes are getting a bit tight.

At the early stages, it is possible that you will feel a bit bloated, just like before the start of your period. If you experience constipation, bloating or weight gain, you may think that you are showing before you actually do.

Pregnancy and appearance

At this point there is no need to think about pregnancy clothes yet. Usually women need new clothes as they enter the second trimester.

If you start showing your pregnancy at early stages that doesn’t really mean anything.

If you show at early stages it is possible that you will have twins or simply that the muscles are looser. If your baby bump is larger than it should be, your doctor may perform some tests to find the cause.


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