Yeast Infection Treatment During Pregnancy

If you would like to know more about yeast infection treatment during pregnancy you should know that this infection is more common among pregnant women than among non-pregnant women.

The symptoms include having thin, white and fishy smelling discharge. However these symptoms could be normal during the second trimester. If you think that you might be affected by the infection, you should discuss the matter with your health care provider.

The truth is that the infection doesn’t have any negative effects on pregnancy, but it is more difficult to handle and the discomfort associated is also higher.

Treating yeast infection

Although there are several different kinds of treatments, if you are affected by yeast infection while being pregnant, the doctors only recommend vaginal creams and suppositories.

The available oral medications haven’t been proven to be safe during pregnancy. Although this isn’t a very dangerous infection, if it isn’t treated, you could pass it to the baby during childbirth. The resulting infection of the baby is known as thrush.

During pregnancy it may take 10-14 days to get rid of the infection completely. After the infection is gone and the sores are healed it is a good idea to use some starch-free powder to avoid any future infection.

Preventing the infection

The good news about this infection is that you can take several measures to avoid it. You should wear loose underwear made of cotton to allow the skin to breathe. Also it is good to avoid tight clothing for the same purposes.

Clean the genital area regularly. After cleaning it may be useful to use the blow drier to dry the area because the infection usually appears in case of dump conditions. In order not to have pregnancy yeast infection, after using the toilet you should always wipe from front to back to stay free of bacteria.


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