Yellow Discharge During Pregnancy

The hormonal changes occurring in a pregnant body result in an increased white discharge that is healthy and normal.

During the third trimester, the discharge may become thin and take on a light yellow color.

This too is perfectly normal. However, a thick yellow discharge during pregnancy, accompanied with foul odor, should raise plenty of red flags and needs immediate medical attention.

It is the indication of an infection and needs to be taken care of at the earliest to avoid any kind of harm to the baby.

The discharge may be the result of sexually transmitted diseases or infections or even due to medical conditions like polyps.

Probable causes

A pregnant woman who notices a thick yellow discharge may be suffering from one of the following causes. She may have developed cervical polyps.

There is no reason for this happening but these polyps can easily be infected, resulting in the foul odor and discharge.

She may have contracted diseases like Trichomoniasis and Chlamydia, from her infected partner.

These diseases can be passed on to the child during labor proving to be harmful. Candidiasis and Bacterial Vaginosis are two other probable causes.

These can be sexually transmitted or can be caused by floral imbalances in the vaginal and cervical region. Whatever the reason may be, one needs immediate medical intervention to tackle the infection and regain good vaginal health to avoid any harm to the unborn baby.

Useful tips

Pregnant women can prevent the causes for a yellow discharge during pregnancy by maintaining good genital hygiene. Keep it dry and clean. Do not douche, as it removes healthy bacteria too. These healthy bacteria are important to prevent infections.

Consume plenty of curds as they are supposed to keep yeast infections like candidiasis at bay. If you are diabetic, keep a check on your blood sugar levels and avoid stress. Do not try to self medicate, consult your gynecologist immediately.


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