Yellowish Discharge During Pregnancy

It is common to observe an increase of the vaginal discharge during pregnancy. This is because the estrogen levels are higher than normal and there is also more blood flow to the vagina.

As the pregnancy progresses the amount of discharge could also increase. You could see some yellowish discharge during pregnancy because the color of the consistency varies during this period.

Yellowish Discharge During Pregnancy

Initially the discharge should be whitish and it should have the consistency of egg white.

What is normal?

In case you see a change and the discharge has a foul smell it could mean some kind of infection. It is a known fact that the body of women goes through many different changes during pregnancy.


The hormonal changes lead to the production of leukorrhea. Normally this discharge is odorless and watery. This kind of discharge appears during the initial stages of pregnancy.


Yellowish discharge while being pregnant could appear as the pregnancy progresses. This is also something normal. It is also alright to see an increase of the amount of discharge as delivery draws nearer.

Health issues and pregnancy discharge

Normally the vaginal discharge should have a light color and it should be odorless. If the yellowish discharge of pregnant women that you experience is thick and has a foul smell, it may be caused by candidiasis.

This kind of yeast infection is common in case of pregnant women because of the hormonal changes that take place. The problem can be treated by applying anti-yeast vaginal creams.

Another reason may be Chlamydia, which is an STD. In case the infection isn’t treated, it could lead to miscarriage or different kinds of complications during delivery.

The downside is that this is an infection that can be passed to the baby upon birth. This could cause long-term complications to the baby such as eye infections.


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