Yoga Poses to Avoid During Pregnancy

All the problems that arise during pregnancy, such as the frequent trips to the bathroom make it difficult to stick to a workout routine.

If you are thinking about taking up yoga, there is no better decision that you could make. Nonetheless there are some yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy.

Avoid bending and twisting

One of the poses to avoid are the ones that require you to bend forward. This is because in a pose of this kind there is a lot of pressure on the nerves and the blood vessels that are connected to the uterus.

To make the pose better, you should place your feet apart so that there will be more space for the nerves and blood vessels. Another one of the yoga poses to avoid when being pregnant is the deep twist.

Just as in the previous case, this one can also decrease the blood flow to the uterus. You could use the pose if you remember to keep your feet apart at all times.

No more ab workout

Lying on your back for longer periods of time isn’t such a good idea either, especially once you enter the second trimester. This is because the uterus presses against the blood vessels.

Because of this pose the heartburn, back pain and high blood pressure could get worse. When you are supposed to lie flat, you should use something to prop your back up with. It is important to stretch your muscles when standing or sitting.

Some other yoga poses to avoid while being pregnant include the ones that work the ab muscles. As the belly grows it is difficult for the ab muscles to support its weight.

This is why in this period the obliques are also used. If you work your muscles too hard, it is possible for the ab muscles to be pulled apart.


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