Yogurt During Pregnancy

During pregnancy you may wonder whether the foods that you normally have or that you crave are safe for you. When it comes to yogurt during pregnancy you should know that it is safe, even more, it also has numerous health benefits.

Naturally there are also some restrictions. It is good to know that yogurt is a kind of fermented dairy product. It comes with good bacteria that digest the sugar found in milk.

When humans have sugar, they produce waste products like water and carbon dioxide. The bacteria found in yogurt produce lactic acid that reacts with the proteins of milk and this is how the creamy texture and sour taste is created.


When considering drinking yogurt while being pregnant you should remember that it is a dairy product so it has all the advantages of milk, and a little extra. Just as milk, yogurt is also rich in calcium that is very important during pregnancy.

It is needed to support the bone formation of the baby. In the same time yogurt also contains proteins that are used in cell formation. The bacteria that can be found in yogurt don’t cause an infection. Instead they help digestion and they are also known as probiotics.

Need to know basis

It is a known fact that during pregnancy the digestion slows down to make more nutrients available for the baby. As a result you could be affected by constipation and you could also have hemorrhoids.

If you have some yogurt you can ensure that your digestion goes smoothly. Although normally it is healthy, you should avoid unpasteurized yogurt when being pregnant.

This is because it could have harmful bacteria. In the same time you should also avoid full fat yogurt. This is because this kind of yogurt comes with too much saturated fat that isn’t good for your heart.


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