Zantac During Pregnancy

If you are thinking about taking Zantac during pregnancy you should know that in the majority of the cases it is considered to be a safe drug. This conclusion is based on the animal studies conducted with the help of pregnant animals.

Most probably you already know that the FDA has a category system in order to categorize the drugs and medication. According to this system, Zantac is a category B medication.

This is a category that is given to those drugs that weren’t studied in case of pregnant humans, and didn’t have any negative effects in case of animals.

Pros and cons

Although Zantac didn’t hurt the animal fetus we also have to remember that sometimes animals and humans react differently to medication.

This is why the doctors prescribing this drug should always weigh the risks and suggest the medication only in case its use becomes mandatory. If you would like to take Zantac while being pregnant it is very important to talk to your health care provider.

He knows your pregnancy best and he also knows whether there are any risks associated or not. Naturally you also have a word to say in the decision, but don’t forget that your doctor may know more about your case than you do.


In case you aren’t a big fan of drugs and medications you should remember that there is always a natural and healthy alternative so you don’t always have to rush to a pharmacy. If you are affected by heartburn, there are some steps you could take.

One of them is to sleep on your left side. This way it is more difficult for the acid to get back into your esophagus and your uterus won’t put pressure your main veins. As you can see maybe you don’t need to take Zantac when being pregnant.



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